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[LDM #MTO-224280]: [Fwd: Re: getting GPS data on NOAAPort]

Hi Bonnie,

> We need some help with LDM running with SSEC's Family of Service software...

???. Do you mean NOAAPort ingest software?

> Basically, how would we proceed to get the GPS data (ISXT40 KBOU) from 
> NOAAPort
> (with LDM). It is in BUFR format.

I just used the LDM 'notifyme' utility to see which datastream contains 
products that have
'ISXT40' in their product IDs:

/local/ldm% notifyme -vxl- -f ANY -p ISXT40 -o 1000000
Oct 20 18:00:14 notifyme[9733] NOTE: Starting Up: localhost: 20081009041334.257 
TS_ENDT {{ANY,  "ISXT40"}}
Oct 20 18:00:14 notifyme[9733] NOTE: LDM-5 desired product-class: 
20081009041334.257 TS_ENDT {{ANY,  "ISXT40"}}
Oct 20 18:00:14 notifyme[9733] INFO: Resolving localhost to took 
0.000415 seconds
Oct 20 18:00:14 DEBUG: NOTIFYME(localhost) returns OK
Oct 20 18:00:14 notifyme[9733] NOTE: NOTIFYME(localhost): OK
Oct 20 18:00:15 notifyme[9733] INFO: 41f10ac09b7a7deffce7e5858c511ea0     7474 
20081020175046.013     HDS 92097406  ISXT40 KBOU 201645
Oct 20 18:00:15 notifyme[9733] INFO: 8dc7f538257f011313f92d16fe09d854     8676 
20081020175047.707     HDS 92097429  ISXT40 KBOU 201615
Oct 20 18:00:15 notifyme[9733] INFO: 0efeeb782764951159059f54ba6af31d     8286 
20081020175052.075     HDS 92097462  ISXT40 KBOU 201545
Oct 20 18:00:15 notifyme[9733] INFO: d31ad2f76c2a6ce831da4049459e79f3     8384 
20081020175052.075     HDS 92097463  ISXT40 KBOU 201515
Oct 20 18:00:15 notifyme[9733] INFO: 1b263ebc6f4fb925be0aca240e9563ce    10268 
20081020175058.142     HDS 92097518  ISXT40 KBOU 200945
Oct 20 18:00:15 notifyme[9733] INFO: 35a651625510000973cff3c4419e7b86    10366 
20081020175100.166     HDS 92097554  ISXT40 KBOU 200915
^COct 20 18:00:21 notifyme[9733] NOTE: exiting

If these are the products you are looking for, they can be found in the HDS 
datastream that is
being created on machines running Unidata's NOAAPort ingest software (the code 
that SSEC is using).

A simple action for an LDM pattern-action file that would write the products 
into individual
disk files is:

HDS   ^(ISTX40) (KBOU) (..)(..)(..)
    FILE data/bufr/\1_\2_(\3:yyyy)(\3:mm)\3.\4\5

NB:  certain white space in LDM pattern-action files are tabs, not spaces:

- white space between HDS and ^(ISTX40) is a tab
- white space before FILE is a tab
- first white space after FILE is a tab

If I am correct in my interpretation of the last field in the product 
identifier being DDHHMM,
this pattern will create files whose names look like:


> Thanks --

No worries.


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