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20021115: LDM/IDD setup at UBA (cont.)

>From: "Moira E. Doyle" <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Buenos Aires
>Keywords: 200207311510.g6VFAE903432 LDM IDD MeteoForum

Hi Moira,

I am putting together a report on Meteoforum activities that I need
to get to Dr. Tim Spangler tomorrow or Wednesday.  In order to finish
this report, I need to find out how one thing in particular stands at

When I visited the UBA back in July, I was told that a possible severe
limitation to the ability for getting data via the IDD was a very slow
machine (an 486-based box, if I remember correctly) that was being used
for routing traffic around your department.  Am I remembering this correctly,
and, if so, has that machine been upgraded to something that will handle
100 Mbps Ethernet?

Another thing that I have been wondering about:  'Moira Doyle' is a classic
Irish name.  Is your ancestery Irish?