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20021113: UFRJ as a primary IDD redistribution point for Brazil (cont.)

>From:  David Garrana Coelho <address@hidden>
>Organization:  UFRJ
>Keywords:  200211131628.gADGSZL18316 IDD-Brazil LDM 5.2.2

Hi David,

>       Sorry taking so long to answer your mail, we are having a major
>overload of work last weeks due to several projects we are developing
>here (which have very strict deadlines...:-).

No worries.  Things have been very hectic here also.

We have been building a new LDM release that should better allow for
data transmission to sites that are electronically far away from their
feeders.  We will begin testing this new distribution tomorrow on a
machine at the Universidade Federal do Pará (UFPA).  How soon it will
take to get this new LDM ready to generally distribute is unknown, but
it should be within a month (a nice Christmas present for us :-).

>I will provide you with the username and password of the machine
>which ldm was installed.

Thank you for this.

>I hadn't the time to make the new ldm install, and i apologize.

No need to apologize.

>If you need any root permission files to be
>modified, send an e-mail and it will be done ASAP.

Thanks.  I logged onto brisa this evening and downloaded and built
LDM 5.2.2 as follows:

<login as 'ldm'>
cd ~ldm
ftp ftp.nidata.ucar.edu
  <user> anonymous
  <pass> address@hidden
  cd pub/ldm5
  get ldm-5.2.2.tar.Z

tar xvzf ldm-5.2.2.tar.Z
cd ldm-5.2.2/src
make install
cd ../bin
vi ldmadmin
  -- change '$hostname="@HOSTNAME@"; to $hostname = "brisa.meteoro.ufrj.br";
  -- leave the LDM product queue at 400 MB

What is needed now as 'root' is:

cd ~ldm/ldm-5.2.2/src
make install_setuids

After that, the following is needed as 'ldm':

cd ~ldm
rm runtime
ln -s ldm-5.2.2 runtime

cd etc
vi ldmd.conf
  -- uncomment the line:

#exec   "rtstats -h rtstats.unidata.ucar.edu"

     I added this line this evening

Next, stop the LDM and delete and remake its queue:

cd ~
ldmadmin stop
<wait for all LDM processes to exit>
ldmadmin delqueue
ldmadmin mkqueue         <- this make take some time so be patient
ldmadmin start

Also, I think that we will want to modify your request lines in
~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf.  Initially, I would change your IDS|DDPLUS and HRS
requests to be something like:

request DDPLUS|IDS      "^[^S]" thelma.ucar.edu
request DDPLUS|IDS      "^S[AR]" thelma1.ucar.edu
request DDPLUS|IDS      "^S[^AR]" thelma2.ucar.edu
request HDS             "^H.[I-P]... KWB[^K]" thelma3.ucar.edu
request HDS             "^H[A-Z][ABCD][A-Z][0-9][0-9] KWB." thelma4.ucar.edu
request HDS             ".*(ECMWF|EGRR)" thelma5.ucar.edu
request FSL2 "^FSL\.NetCDF\.NOAAnet\.windprofiler\.(01hr)\.(.*)\..*" 

These request lines split the request for DDPLUS|IDS data (global
observational data) roughly into thirds by number of products.  The HDS
request lines request just the global model output from the HDS feed.
I imagine that this would be all that you will need, since the majority
of model data in HRS covers only North America.

I believe that I already told you that you can not feed the PCWS data
from thelma.  This data (ACARS) is only fed point-to-point from
NOAA/FSL to end users.  On top of that, I think it is only available to
users in the US.

I didn't make the ldmd.conf request line changes since I need to
understand exactly what data you want to ingest so that any changes I
make will not intefere with what you are attempting to do.

Additionally, before we can make the ldmd.conf changes 'root' will need
to modify /etc/hosts to add a line that looks like:

# Make some aliases for thelma.ucar.edu   thelma.ucar.edu thelma1.ucar.edu thelma2.ucar.edu 
thelma3.ucar.edu thelma4.ucar.edu thelma5.ucar.edu

This creates 4 aliases for the machine thelma.ucar.edu.  We will use
these aliases to split your data request into the smaller pieces that I
indicated above.  Be aware that the white space between the IP number
and first name is a tab.  The rest of the white space are spaces.

>       Only SSH access is provided, no telnet or ftp ports open.

This is how we setup our machines also.

>       Once again, we apologize for delay.

Again, no need to apologize.  We are just getting to the point of wanting
to test a new LDM, so your email is timely to say the least.

>       Best regards,

Please let me know when you have finished the installation of LDM 5.2.2,
or, at least, the steps that need to be done by 'root':

cd ~ldm/ldm-5.2.2/src
make install_setuids
modification of /etc/hosts


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