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20021115: LDM/IDD setup at UBA (cont.)

>From: "Moira E. Doyle" <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Buenos Aires
>Keywords: 200207311510.g6VFAE903432 LDM IDD

Hi Moira,

>I am back.

Your email is very timely to say the least!  I was getting ready to
contact you about trying some data feed experiments that I would like
to run.

>It took some time but today I finaly got back to installing LDM.

Execllent.  What version did you install?  I ask because I put together
a 5.2.2 release the day before yesterday for people building from source
code to grab.

>My systema manager pulled down the firewall for a some minutes and we tried
>connecting to atm.geo.nsf.gov and had the following answer:
>trixie% ldmping -i 2 atm.geo.nsf.gov
>Nov 15 13:44:06      State    Elapsed Port   Remote_Host           rpc_stat
>Nov 15 13:44:06  ADDRESSED   0.339920    0   atm.geo.nsf.gov  RPC: Unable to
>receive; errno = Connection reset by peer
>Nov 15 13:44:23      NAMED  15.000104    0   atm.geo.nsf.gov  can't contact
>portmapper: RPC: Timed out
>Nov 15 13:44:26  ADDRESSED   0.342186    0   atm.geo.nsf.gov  RPC: Unable to
>receive; errno = Connection reset by peer
>Any idea?

I logged onto atm.geo.nsf.gov right after I saw this and saw the
connection attempt from trixie.at.fcen.uba.ar.  I then looked up the
allows in atm's ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf file and found that I had a typo in
the line that allows connections from UBA.  I have fixed the problem,
and am restarting the LDM on atm even as I write this message.  You
should be able to connect to atm now.

I want to bring you up to date on what has happened in the past two
months.  The University of Rio de Janerio has agreed to act as a top
level IDD redistribution node for Brazil.  I am hoping that they will
also be willing to feed UBA and potentially other universities in
Argentina and even Paraguay.

At the same time, based on exerience we gained by working with the
University of Para in Belem, we have been making major modifications to
the LDM so that it will be better able to distribute data to remote
sites (sites that are electronically far away from feed sites).  A test
version of this LDM release should be ready by the end of today or
sometime on Monday.  This is why your email is so timely!

Until I can get you the new LDM, I would like you to once again try
connecting to atm.geo.nsf.gov from trixie.  Also, instead of your system
administrator bringing down the entire firewall, it would be better if
s/he simply allowed bidirectional access for port 388.  This way we
could run tests at will.




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