Re: [gembud] Whither GARP? Or withered GARP?

For us, when we are in operational mode, GARP is quicker and easier to use.  It 
is also a bit easier to configure the model selections in GARP...just my 
opinion.  The nts save feature in NMAP2 is very good though, and we use it's 
drawing functions as well.  Let's just say they compliment each other.  One big 
advantage GARP has is easy distance measuring capability.  NMAP2 only lets you 
determine distance from set locations.

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Hi.  Doesn't NMAP and its restore files provide the same, and if not, more 
functionality than GARP and its macros (and so too with NSHARP vs GARP)?
Don't get me wrong, I used to use GARP heavily, so perhaps I am missing more 
"recent" improvements that makes it an equivalent to NMAP2.
But it seemed to me that somewhere in the early 2000's, NMAP2 began to far 
exceed GARP in terms of display capabilities and functionality.

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I use GARP extenstively in my courses here at U-MI, as well.  GEMPAK
itself seems to provide the best option for scripting/creating images for 
our electronic map room, as well as for graphics included in publications
and reports.  While IDV has great flexibility in terms of reading in 
datafiles from a number of different formats (such as not needing to
convert netcdf files to gempak format for plotting), GEMPAK and GARP are 
still hard to beat.  Perhaps I just need to spend more time learning IDV.

Frank Marsik

Dept. of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences
University of Michigan

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