[gembud] Whither GARP? Or withered GARP?

Hi all,

Since the last two bugs on the list have related to GARP . . . this brings up the short- and long-term question of GARP support within GEMPAK/N-AWIPS. When was the last time any of the codebase of GARP was updated? Is the code just being bundled as -is, without any significant updates, or none at all, into each Unidata NAWIPS release? I suspect that is the case, and we are running into these bugs as a result of functions and subroutines not being brought up-to-date with the underlying GEMPAK code base.

A couple questions I'm curious about:

1. Are there any plans by Unidata to include GARP with AWIPS 2 once it is released? 2. How many folks use GARP on a regular basis? If you do, do you also use NMAP2?


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