Re: [gembud] Whither GARP? Or withered GARP?

GARP still has no equal when it comes to model data as far as we are concerned. 
 We use NMAP2, NSHARP and NWX heavily as well.

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Hey Kevin.

We use GARP, NMAP, and NSHARP on a daily basis here, in several classes and for 
forecasting activities.


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Hi all,

Since the last two bugs on the list have related to GARP . . . this 
brings up the short- and long-term question of GARP support within 
GEMPAK/N-AWIPS.  When was the last time any of the codebase of GARP was 
updated?  Is the code just being bundled as -is, without any significant 
updates, or none at all, into each Unidata NAWIPS release?  I suspect 
that is the case, and we are running into these bugs as a result of 
functions and subroutines not being brought up-to-date with the 
underlying GEMPAK code base.

A couple questions I'm curious about:

1. Are there any plans by Unidata to include GARP with AWIPS 2 once it 
is released?
2. How many folks use GARP on a regular basis?  If you do, do you also 
use NMAP2?


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