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2018 DeSouza Award Nominations

Russell DeSouza

Do you know someone in the Unidata community who has been actively involved and helpful to you and other Unidata members? Perhaps this is someone who volunteers to assist others, contributes software, or makes suggestions that are generally useful for the community.

The Unidata Users Committee invites you to submit nominations for the Russell L. DeSouza Award for Outstanding Community Service by 23 March 2018. This Community Service Award honors individuals whose energy, expertise, and active involvement enable the Unidata Program to better serve the geosciences. Honorees personify Unidata's ideal of a community that shares ideas, data, and software through computing and networking technologies.

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Call for Proposals: Unidata 2018 Community Equipment Awards

Equipment Awards
Unidata offers equipment grants to support a variety of projects

The Unidata Program Center is pleased to announce the opening of the 2018 Unidata Community Equipment Awards solicitation. Created under the sponsorship of the National Science Foundation, Unidata equipment awards are intended to encourage new members from diverse disciplinary backgrounds in the geosciences to join the Unidata community, and to encourage existing members to continue their active participation, enhancing the community process. For 2018, a total of $100,000 is available for awards; proposals for amounts up to $20,000 will be considered.

Past recipients of Unidata equipment awards have used the grants to procure equipment for data sharing, to create interactive data visualization laboratories, and to encourage the use of Unidata software packages in research and education.

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Unidata Welcomes New Committee Members

New and returning committee members
New and returning committee members

The Unidata Program Center is pleased to welcome new members to the program's governing committees. Committee members normally serve three-year terms; terms are finishing up for three members of the Users committee and two members of the Strategic Advisory committee. New members and those finishing their terms will overlap for one meeting: a Joint meeting of the Users Committee and the Strategic Advisory Committee to be held October 16-18 at the Unidata Program Center in Boulder, CO.

The UPC staff looks forward to working with our new committee members, and to having all the current members of both committees at the Program Center this fall.

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Get Involved in Python Development for the Geosciences!

You may have noticed that Unidata Program Center developer Ryan May spends a bit of his time evangelizing the use of the Python language in the atmospheric sciences. This week he appears over on Johnny Lin's PyAOS (Python for the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences) blog, weighing in on the future of AOS Python.

Ryan's post, titled “What's needed for the Future of AOS Python? Get Involved!,” lays out the case for widespread community involvement in AOS Python projects.

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Registration Underway for the 2017 EarthCube All Hands Meeting

The National Science Foundation EarthCube initiative is a community-driven project aimed at creating an integrated environment for the sharing of geoscience data and knowledge in an open, transparent, and inclusive manner. All members of the geoscience community are invited to participate in the 2017 EarthCube All Hands Meeting (AHM), to be held June 7-9, 2017 in Seattle, Washington.

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News and information from the Unidata Program Center
News and information from the Unidata Program Center



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