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Welcome back to AWIPS Tips!

AWIPS 20.3.2-0.3 is a beta release of CAVE. We have updates for all installation options of CAVE. The biggest improvement with this release are updated installers for both Mac and Windows -- CAVE no longer requires System or User Environment changes to run!

Not all functionality is available yet, but we wanted to get something out there for people to start playing with and testing. This release is a CAVE only release, with us at Unidata running a version 20.3.2 public EDEX ( that you can connect to.

NOTE: We will still have our version 18.* public EDEX up and available for the foreseeable future, but the version of CAVE you are running has to match the version of EDEX it's connected to (ex. version 18.* of CAVE will not connect to version 20.* of EDEX).

Updates for all Operating Systems:

  • Full support of IPv6 connections
  • Update City Map names density and sizing to be more similar to v18
  • Restore Resource Stack default display behavior to mirror v18 (right click toggle between product, date, maps)
  • Added new menu item HRRR --> Composite Reflectivity
  • Restore Warngen functionality for selecting multiple items in the product list (mirroring v18)
  • Two panel view updated to side-by-side instead of top/bottom
  • Remove Hawaii Sector Satellite menus (now found in GOES West Full Disk)


  • Improve installer to completely package and bundle Python (as well as Java)
    • This means CAVE no longer alters the System or User Environment at all!


  • Improve installer to completely package and bundle Python (as well as Java)
    • This means CAVE no longer alters the System or User Environment at all!

How to Install CAVE 20.3.2-0.3


  1. Download the latest
  2. In a terminal, go to the download directory
  3. Make the installer an executable:
    • chmod 755
  4. Run the installer as root
    • ./ --cave
  5. Remove caveData
    • rm -rf ~/caveData
  6. Start CAVE by opening a terminal
    • cave


  1. Remove old builds of CAVE.
  2. Download and Install: awips-cave.msi
  3. Start CAVE by clicking on the CAVE icon on your Desktop


  1. Download and install CAVE
  2. Start CAVE by selecting System Menu Go > Applications > CAVE

  Virtual Machine

This can be installed on Windows or Linux and requires VMWare Workstation Player (free software)

  1. Download the zipped file containing the virtual machine: CentOS7-Unidata-CAVE-20.3.2-0.3
  2. Unzip the folder.
  3. Open VMWare Player and go to Player > File... > Open and locate the folder that was created from the downloaded zipped file. Select the file called "CentOS 7 - Unidata CAVE 20.3.2-0.3.vmx".
  4. Run this new VM option. If it asks if it's been moved or copied, select "I Copied It".
    • There will be a user in the Linux machine named "awips" and the password is "awips"

EDEX Connection

Select the server in the Connectivity Preferences dialog, or enter


This is a beta release, so we are aware that not all functionality is working as expected. We ask you to please be aware of this and have similar expectations. One noteworthy deficiency we are aware of is the radar menu has not been updated yet to reflect what is in version 18. If you come across issues/bugs/missing functionality, we also encourage you to report it using this short form.

For notifications of the latest updates from the AWIPS team, sign up for the AWIPS mailing list. Questions or suggestions for the team, let us know at


Hello, With the current beta version (-3) using the VMware CentOS, I've become unable to save additional Displays that I create. ( I now receive an error that it can't be written. I can't save the display locally either. I thought it might be a disk space issue, but I've allotted 40 gigs more without any improvement. Is there a new beta coming out soon? Thank you for your incredible efforts. Glenn Schreiber

Posted by Glenn Schreiber on June 14, 2023 at 06:46 AM MDT #

Hi Glenn, Sorry you are having issues. If you open a terminal and type "df -h" how much disk space does it say you have available? Can you send us the exact error that you are receiving? I'm not able to replicate the issue on our Virtual Machine. If you could reply back to: we can open a ticket with and work more with you.

Posted by Tiffany Meyer on June 14, 2023 at 12:24 PM MDT #

Hello, I have a question regarding awips cave. Will we eventually be able to actually issue a severe storm warning with an expiration date? Obviously not issued in real life but rather just as a simulation within only out computers. I think this feature would be really neat.

Posted by Jaden Iarusso on July 28, 2023 at 09:28 PM MDT #

Hello Jaden, Unfortunately, not at this time. We have an agreement with NOAA/NWS to restrict the generation of watches, warnings, advisories in Unidata's public version of AWIPS because we can't run the safety risk of people potentially distributing their created warnings as official National Weather Service products. Potentially once we have a simulation system set up in the future this may be an option.

Posted by Tiffany Meyer on July 31, 2023 at 09:32 AM MDT #

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