Post-doctoral Position in Hurricane Modeling and Data Assimilation at OU

University of Oklahmoa

The School of Meteorology of University of Oklahoma has an opening for a post-doctoral research associate/research scientist to study the impact of outflow on hurricane intensification through ensemble-based data assimilation and ensemble simulations. This work will be performed at University of Oklahoma in collaboration with scientists in Naval Research Laboratory at Monterey.

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Unidata Regional IDV Workshop at the University of Miami

University of Miami

The University of Miami is pleased to sponsor and host a Unidata Regional Workshop on Friday and Saturday, April 18-19, 2014. Unidata Program Center staff will provide introductory and advanced training in the use of Unidata's Integrated Data Viewer (IDV), Repository for Archiving, Managing and Accessing Diverse Data (RAMADDA), and other Unidata data and tools.

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Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, April 2014


The 2014 annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers will be held from April 8 to April 12, 2014 in Tampa, Florida. The meeting brings together geographers, GIS specialists, weather and climate scientists, and other leaders for the latest in research and applications in geography, sustainability, and GIScience. The meeting will feature over 4,500 presentations, posters, workshops, and field trips by leading scholars, experts, and researchers.

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Unidata Security Breach

Unidata community members:

The Unidata apache web server account was exploited through a vulnerability in a cgi-bin script on February 20, 2014. A fair bit of community user information was accessed, including website account email addresses and their associated passwords in encrypted hash form. We need to assume the hacker(s) are in the process of combing through this information and will be attempting to crack and use passwords found.

If you use a common password for multiple accounts including Unidata's web site, we STRONGLY recommend that you change your password for those other accounts immediately.

Please note: we will be enforcing a reset of Unidata website account passwords and password reminders. Our web site's login page will walk you through the procedure to reset these values.

In addition, we recommend disabling/removing the 'datasets.cgi' script should you be running it on your server.

We profusely apologize for this security breach and stand ready to help you in any way that we can.

Please send any questions/comments to Unidata User Support <>

This is a serious situation; please take appropriate action immediately.

AMS 2014 Conference Highlights from the Unidata Staff

Unidata Program Center staff were happy to meet with community members at the 2014 AMS meeting.
Unidata's AMS booth

This year's annual American Meteorological Society meeting in Atlanta, Georgia hosted nearly 3500 attendees, who fortuitously missed the serious winter storms that occurred shortly before and after the conference. We were happy to see many of the Unidata community members participating in the meeting at our booth in the exhibit hall, and to meet so many prospective community members at the AMS Student Conference.

With so much going on at the conference, we can't cover everything here. Instead, we present some highlights as recalled by UPC staff members who attended.

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News and information from the Unidata Program Center
News and information from the Unidata Program Center



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