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[UDUNITS #RXR-548085]: netCDF and UDUNITS Suggestion


Unfortunately, a Windows port of the UDUNITS package is a work in progress. 
There's no estimate on when it will be completed.

We've heard good reports from investigators running a freely-available UNIX 
virtual machine on their Windows system in order to use UNIX-only packages.

> Dear support,
> I am attempting to assimilate daily gridded NCEP reanalysis surface 
> temperature observations into satellite image processing. I am using
> OPEnDAP to access and read data remotely. More specifically, I need to read 
> the 'time' values, which from my standpoint,
> needs to be converted from netCDF (packed) storage format into interpretable 
> units 'year, day, minute..etc.'. UNUNITS looks to be the best option. Are 
> there any other options to run this package other than from a Unix platform. 
> For instance, Windows 64-bit with Matlab, or am I totally off base?
> Thanks for your time,
> Christopher
> Christopher J. Crawford, PhD
> NASA Postdoctoral Fellow
> Cryospheric Sciences Laboratory (Code 615)
> NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
> Greenbelt, MD  20771  USA
> web: http://christopherjcrawford.com
> phone: 301.614.6933

Steve Emmerson

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