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[UDUNITS #SEA-349902]: Port of UDUnits for Windows


> That's good news!
> What are your plans for the library under Windows? We have had partial
> success rebuilding it using MinGW to supply the missing headers - this
> produces a native dll which is relatively easy to invoke from .NET code
> through the PInvoke mechanism (although unfortunately the more complex
> functions are not working). I'm assuming the library will remain in C,
> with converted header dependencies, rather than a full conversion to .NET.

Correct. The library will remain in C.

The netCDF-4 package has been successfully ported to Windows, so the same 
should be possible for UDUNITS.

> Conversion to a platform-independent build chain sounds like a good idea.
> Once that is complete, do you have any idea of the amount of effort that
> will be required for the rest of the port?

Having never done this, I have no idea how long it will take.

Are you willing to contribute?

> All the best,
> Jonathan Ayling

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: SEA-349902
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