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[UDUNITS #FRB-738002]: libudunits1.a in udunits2


> Is there a way to have udunits2 compile libudunits.*?
> For years I've been installing BOTH udunits2 and udunits1 because all
> sorts of stuff still uses udunits1 and tries to link to
> libudunits.(a|so). But udunits2 `./confgiure --help` shows a
> --disable-udunits-1 flag and claims udunits1 API support is enabled by
> default.
> Looking for a libudunits target tells me there isn't one...
> find -iname 'make*' -exec grep -n 'libudunits\.' {} \;
> (returns nothing)
> Assuming I'm not just missing something obvious, would it be possible to
> include support for udunits1 libraries in udunits2?

The UDUNITS-2 package contains a UDUNITS C interface:

    $ nm -g libudunits2.a | fgrep utInit
    0000000000000000 T utInit

I does not, however, contain a UDUNITS Fortran interface.

Do you use the UDUNITS package because of the Fortran interface?

> Thanks
> --
> Adam Carheden

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: FRB-738002
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