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[UDUNITS #FRB-738002]: libudunits1.a in udunits2


> Yes, but having the C interface in libudunits2.a is still not useful
> when compiling a program who's makefiles are unaware of udunits2, since
> they'll attempt to link to libudunits.* rather than libudunits2.a. I
> guess I can symlink libudunits2.* to libudunits.* which would make C
> programs Just Work(TM). I guess that would be confusing to fortran folks
> who see udunits.a and can't figure out why their code breaks.
> Since it's not completely backwards compatible wrt fortran, renaming the
> library seems sensible enough and I'll continue to just compile and
> install both packages.

I'm glad you found a solution.

You should communicate the authors of the relevant programs that their 
makefiles need to be able to accommodate a non-default UDUNITS library 
specification at build-time.

> Thanks

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: FRB-738002
Department: Support UDUNITS
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