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[Support #AMZ-677787]: [udunits] udunits.inc

Dear Kassahun,

> Dear Sir/Madam,
> I am a phD student at addis Ababa university,Ethiopia.Now I am working on 
> ozone transport over Africa.I will use  air temperature,geopotential height, 
> vertical and horizontal wind field data in  in the year 1996-97 for the 
> calculation for potentail vorticity.These data are from NOAA-CIRES Climate 
> Diagnostics Center.All files are NC files.To read this files the readgrid 
> general reqestes netcdf.inc,udunit.inc and udunit.dat( the readgrid general 
> is attached for your information).I tried to find these files in  by 
> downloading UDUNIT and UDUNITS-2.When I compile these files there is a 
> problem with the udunits.inc .There is no error message with netcdf.inc and 
> udunits.dat files .  Plese would you help me in  get ing  the actual 
> compilable  udunit.inc file with the readgridgeneral.I am looking forward to 
> hear from you.

Has someone helped you with this problem?

> Best regards
> kassahun

Steve Emmerson

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