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[UDUNITS #PCF-916603]: Udunits Problem


> i use DIANA and to compile this meteorology software , i need to compile
> udunits.

I don't know the DIANA package.

> i have compiled udunits completely but when i run the DIANA it got the error
> "*udunits(3): Package hasn't been initialized*" and when i want to open
> NetCDF files with DIANA i got the error "*udunits(3): syntax error: (0 - 1)*".
> would you please help me to solve this problem?

The error message indicates that the function utInit() was not called.  I 
suspect that either the DIANA package doesn't call this function or that the 
package is being used in a way that the function isn't called.

Because I don't know the DIANA package, you'll have to contact support for that 
package.  Tell them about the error message and what I told you about the 
utInit() function.

> thanks a lot.
> Best Regards.

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: PCF-916603
Department: Support UDUNITS
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