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I'm the creator of the UDUNITS packages.

> Thank you for giving us possibility to download the CDFconversion conversion 
> tool.

I don't know what the CDFconversion tool is.

> Hope it'll be useful for our work, but first we have to finish its 
> installation on our Linux machine.
> There is a problem while running ./configure since the code doesn't recognize 
> the least version 2.2.8 of udunits that has been prevously installed.
> Why? Simply because there is udunits2 instead of udunits, so configure isn't 
> able to detect it; We found line in configure where to change it, so that 
> configure may find executable version of udunits2. Anyway, the problem comes 
> after that when configure is looking for -ludunits and I have no idea how to 
> solve the issue. So, we have udunits2 instead of udunits that causes problem.

I don't understand.  Are you trying to install the UDUNITS-2 package?

> Any idea, suggestion?
> Thanks!
> Milka Radojevic (MSc)
> Professional Associate
> Global Environmental and Climate Change Centre (GEC3)
> & Adaptation and Impacts Research Division (AIRD)
> Environment Canada at McGill University
> Montreal, Canada
> DAI: http://quebec.ccsn.ca/DAI/DAI-e.html
> GEC3: http://www.mcgill.ca/gec3
> CCCSN: http://www.cccsn.ca/index-e.html
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Steve Emmerson

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