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[UDUNITS #FKF-573742]: udunits2 - issues from valgrind


> While debugging an app with valgrind, I noticed some possible errors
> related to the udunits2 package. Please see attached .txt file.
> (a) Source and destination overlap in strncpy
> This seems pretty minor - as a test I added a temporary string (base1)
> and valgrind was happy. See code in text file.

Thanks.  I already knew about this and fixed it.  I haven't released it
yet, though.

> (b) Memory leak.
> I inspected the code, and I cannot see the problem. 'prev' seems to be
> freed OK. So perhaps it is not a real problem, but I thought I'd pass it
> on in case you can find an error.

Can't say that I can see anything wrong.  The referenced code is generated
by the flex(1) utility, so I'd rather not mess with it unless it becomes

> Thanks
> Mike Dixon

Thank you!

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: FKF-573742
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