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[UDUNITS #QRN-692745]: UDUNITS on IBM Bluegene


> I am having some troubles configuring the Makefile for UDUNITS and
> compiling UDUNITS on a Bluegene machine.  Has anyone in the community
> reported on compiling on such a machine?

AFAIK, you're the first to try to build the UDUNITS package on an IBM

> I've attached the logfile from (./configure && make all install clean) >
> log 2>&1 &.  It seems that c89 is having some troubles.

You sent me the file "config.log", which is mentioned in the file
INSTALL in the top-level source-directory.  Unfortunately, I need
the file "configure.log" (which is mentioned in the same file).
Would you please send it to me.

> Would it be less hassle to use gcc?

Whether or not using gcc(1) would be better than c89(1) depends
on the details of the problem.

> How would I force configure to use
> gcc rather than c89?

./configure CC=gcc ...

> I can provide additional information.  I'm not sure what you might need to
> know in order to help me.

For now, I just need the "configure.log" file.

> Thanks,
> Chris

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: QRN-692745
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