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Re: 19991108: Problems with udunits.dat: assay_ton


> To: address@hidden
> From: Randy Zagar <address@hidden>
> Subject: Problems with udunits.dat
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> Keywords: 199911082120.OAA14215

In the above message, you wrote:

> In the UNITS OF MASS section of udunits.dat, you have:
>     assay_ton          P 2.916667e-2 kilogram # was 2.916667e2 (typo!)
>     avoirdupois_ounce  P 2.834952e-2 kilogram
> This is a problem because now 'udunits' reports that the
> conversion factor between these two is only 1.02882.
> Clearly, this is in error.
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Do you have a reference that indicates that the above conversion factor
is incorrect?  My reference


indicates that the above conversion factor is correct.

Steve Emmerson   <http://www.unidata.ucar.edu>

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