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19991104: udunits

>From: Rolf Schneider <address@hidden>
>Organization: .
>Keywords: 199911040749.AAA23231

>Im looking for a the source code of udunits.
>Where can I get the code?

The package is available from the www page at:

>Is ist y2k-ready?

There are no known Y2K issues.

>Thanks for your answer
>Rolf Schneider
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>ISM  /_  _  @@@@@  Meteo Schweiz
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>Rolf Schneider                               Information Technology
>Swiss Meteorological Institute              Phone:  +41 1 256 93 01
>Kraehbuehlstrasse 58                         FAX:    +41 1 256 92 78
>CH-8044 Zürich; Switzerland                  E-Mail: address@hidden

Steve CHiswell

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