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Re: 19991028: what is libudport.a


> To: address@hidden
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> From: Roy Mendelssohn <address@hidden>
> Subject: what is libudport.a
> Organization: NOAA/PFEG
> Keywords: 199910281823.MAA09261

In the above message, you wrote:

> We just upgraded our SGI to Irix6.5,and recompiled the latest version 
> of the udunits package. The compile went fine, but besides the 
> library libudunits.a, the library libudport.a was created.  We could 
> not find what this library does, and it did not exist in our earlier 
> release.

libudport.a contains any object files necessary to bring the host
platform up-to-spec (e.g. memmove.o).  Not all platforms conform
completely to the Unix Standard.  The library might not contain
anything, but it is now always created.

> Also, and I don't know if this is related, we have a program that we 
> compile and link with libudunits (not libudport.a ) on our main 
> machine, running irix6.5, and the program starts running fine on that 
> machine.  we then take the executable, and transfer it to an SGI 
> running Irix6.3 and get the following error messages:
> 14281: upwell_new: rld: Error: unresolvable symbol in upwell_new: __libc_attr
> 14281: upwell_new: rld: Fatal Error: this executable has unresolvable symbols
> immediately upon execution.  This is beyond anything anyone here 
> knows about.  Any help greatly appreciated.

I'm afraid that I've never seen the above error either.  The
"__libc_attr" name isn't in either the UDUNITS or UDPORT libraries, so I
don't think that they're the cause.

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