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Re: 19991022: udunits question: ppm, etc


> From: Paul Hemenway <address@hidden>
> Subject: udunits question
> Organization: URI
> Keywords: 199910221647.KAA13153 UDUNITS

In the above message, you wrote:

> Is there an accepted/established udunits convention for concentration
> (e.g. parts per thousand, parts per million by volume, etc?)
> I'm trying to establish COARDS compliance for some DODS datasets.
> Thanks.
> paul
> (hemenway)

parts per thousand = "1/10e3"

parts per million by volume = "l/kl" or "liter/kiloliter"

parts per billion by mass = "gram/gigagram"


Steve Emmerson   <http://www.unidata.ucar.edu>

>From address@hidden  Fri Oct 22 11:41:10 1999

Thanks, Steve.