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[THREDDS #VNI-792787]: WMS error


On 1/14/2014 8:03 AM, Rui, Hualan (GSFC-610.2)[ADNET SYSTEMS INC] wrote:
> Could you please explain a little more what kind of information the TDS needs 
> from the "Center/Subcenter/Version" and why the TDS need that information, 
> which could help me to think how to modify the GRIBTAB files.

What the TDS needs is an actual, authenticated grib table from the 
organization that owns the Center and Subcenter.  Presumably, this 
organization generates data that uses the table, though other groups may 
use the same table for there own data sets.  Such a table will have an 
unambiguous description of the Center, Subcenter, and Version (i.e., 
Center 221, Subcenter 221, Version 1), and the table contents will 
provided 1:1 mappings of parameter numbers to parameter names and 
units.  The TDS uses the information in the tables to render data in 
grib records useable for any data set or record constructed using that 
table.  As tables change over time, the table version number is very 

I will try to track down the tables from the data providers you 
mentioned, and make changes to the tables used by the TDS if necessary.


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