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[THREDDS #WUZ-932114]: NetCDF subset service Exception Handled error

Hi Simon,

I've just moved your question over into our support system, as it is easier for 
us to track problems there, rather than through an e-mail inbox.  I 
accidentally grabbed the wrong subject header (something about discrepancies 
between 4.2 and 4.3), but I have corrected that description.

In order to help understand your issue, I will need some of the problematic 
files you are using.  Please use our drop box to upload a representative sample:


Click the green circle with the plus sign to upload files, and note that you 
will not be able to see the files listed after they are uploaded.

Also, can you tell me what version of the TDS you are trying to run?  I noticed 
that the documentation you referenced was for 4.2.  We are actually on the cusp 
of releasing version 4.4, and there is a good chance that a bug you are seeing 
in an older version of the TDS has already been fixed.

  Lansing Madry
  Boulder, Colorado

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: WUZ-932114
Department: Support THREDDS
Priority: Low
Status: Open

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