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[THREDDS #THL-137809]: IDV catalogs for McIDAS-V

Hi Paul,

> > I did not get a chance to ask you last week but I was wondering if it
> > would be possible for me to make my own IDV catalogs of grib and grib2
> > data for McIDAS-V on my local XCD box.
> Yes.  You would do this by installing our THREDDS server on a machine on
> your LAN.

If your collection of data is fairly static and on local disk, you could create 
a static catalog that points to the data. If it is remote or not static, you 
probably want to setup a server.

Here's some THREDDS catalog documentation:


Here's the THREDDS Data Server page:

> > All my systems are on a closed
> > network so I cannot see the data catalog locations provided in the
> > current McV. So the only option I see to be able to view my grid data is
> > to create a catalog locally.
> I am leaving this inquiry open for the THREDDS guys to comment on more
> fully.
> Stay tuned...

Hope that helps.


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