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[THREDDS #QNQ-559947]: Ncml at reinit

Hi Jonathan,

> So, as you wrote in your mail, the thredds/debug/reinit will not (for the
> moment) reload the ncml
> parts of catalogs ? Could it be specified in the documentations (maybe it is
> yet done...) and is there
> a part of the unidata site where I can see the future improvments like this
> one (ncml reinit) ?

I'm afraid our documentation isn't as complete as we would like. I will add 
some documentation for this.

> We need to reload the entire catalogs many time per day (every 3 hours for
> example) so we thought
> that this functionnallity was adapted to do this but unfortunatly it is not
> so we will use the
> Tomcat manager to restart Thredds.

Why do you need to reload the catalogs? Sorry if I'm forgetting details we've 
already discussed. Are you aggregating datasets? Is the problem something that 
the "recheckEvery" attribute on the "aggregation" element won't handle?

"Aggregation on dynamic sets of files"

> By memory fault I mean that when you use the Tomcat manager to restart
> Thredds, each
> restart make Tomcat take something like 5Mo of memory which is not
> unallocated, I don't know
> if it is due to the java's garbage collector but this bug makes Tomcat down
> after a lot of reinit
> because the computer have its RAM plenty used and so we need to entirely
> restart Tomcat.
> I met the same bug on three differents installation, all are working on
> linux (fedora 4,6 and 7)
> and 2 of these are running Tomcat 6.

We have seen similar issues having to do with the JVM PermGen memory. Are you 
getting "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space" messages? If so, try 
increasing the PermGen space with the "-XX:MaxPermSize".

> By the way, I have two questions about Thredds behaviors and I hope you can
> give me
> more informations (taken from the mailing list) :

I'll answer the rest of your questions in another email (probably tomorrow).


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