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Re: thredds catalog generator

Hi David,

Sorry haven't gotten back to you sooner. I'm out of office on vacation till Wed or Thursday but trying to stay on top of my email.

This is from our current documentation at http://motherlode.ucar.edu:8080/thredds/docs/GettingStarted.html (is this what you are looking at?):

*(1)* <service name="thisDODS" serviceType="OpenDAP" base="/thredds/dodsC/">
<datasetRoot path="test" location="content/testdata/" />
*(2)* <dataset name="Test Single Dataset" ID="testDataset" serviceName="thisDODS" urlPath="test/testData.nc" />

Looks like you might be looking at something a bit out of date. Our distribution doesn't have a content/thredds/dodsC directory anymore. (This is one of the problems with the very basic way we deal with the content/thredds directory. It allows user changes to survive thredds.war updates but it doesn't allow us to update things in content/thredds.)

Anyway, the basics of the above section of the document is that in the dataset, the "test" part of the urlPath matches the datasetRoot path value. This means that the dataset URL (http://server:port/thredds/dodsC/test/testData.nc) matches the "test" datasetRoot and the server looks in the "content/testdata" location for the testData.nc file. So, in this case the "test" part of the URL isn't actually represented at all in the directory location, it is merely a mapping between the url and the correct file/directory location.

Does that make sense?


address@hidden wrote:

Hi Ethan, I'm trying to understand how to find datasets

I'm looking at the simple example under "Configuring the THREDDS Data
Server Catalog" for the single test file dataset.

The testData.nc file sitting at the $tomcathome\content\thredds\dodsC\data

Item 2 in the example shows this tag. I'm just a bit confused
by the urlPath. Why is it "test/testData.nc" and not "data/testData.nc"

(2) <dataset name="Test Single Dataset" ID="testDataset"
serviceName="thisDODS" urlPath="test/testData.nc" />

Thanks, David

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