• Unidata Staff at AGU Fall 2015 Meeting Unidata Staff at AGU Fall 2015 Meeting
    November 24, 2015

    Members of the Unidata Program Center staff will be attending the American Geophysical Union 2015 Fall meeting, December 14-18 2015, in San Francisco. The schedule below lists specific sessions at which UPC staff will be in attendance. See the AGU Fall meeting Scientific Program for additional information on the sessions.

    In addition to speaking and presenting posters, Unidata staff will be spending time at the UCAR Community Programs booth in the Exhibit Hall.

  • CloudIDV: the Integrated Data Viewer in your web browser CloudIDV: the Integrated Data Viewer in your web browser
    November 20, 2015
    A fully-interactive IDV in a web browser.

    As part of the Unidata Program Center's continuing investigations into the use of Unidata technologies in cloud computing environments, UPC developers have created a version of the Integrated Data Viewer (IDV) that runs in a Docker container and displays the IDV interface in a web browser.

    The CloudIDV container can be run on any computer that has the Docker containerization software installed — currently linux, MacOSX, and Windows versions of Docker are available. If you are already running Docker on your own system, you can easily experiment with the CloudIDV container. If you're new to Docker, read on for details on how to get started.

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Software News
Updates and other news about Unidata software packages

The Unidata Program center makes a wide variety of near-real-time and archive geoscience data and model output available to the university community. See the Data page for an overview of the available data types and access methods.

Real-time Model Output

Data visualization tools available from Unidata and elsewhere allow you to create dynamic displays of past, current, or forecast scenarios. This display shows a dynamically-selected Region of Interest culled from a regional weather model.