• Farewell to Communications Intern Larissa Gordon Farewell to Communications Intern Larissa Gordon
    September 28, 2016
    Larissa Gordon

    Larissa Gordon, who has been with us at the Unidata Program Center as a Communications Intern since March 14th, 2016, is reaching the end of her internship; her last day at the UPC will be September 30th. While Unidata has had student interns working on software development projects for several years, Larissa is our first Communications Intern. In that role, she has assisted with a variety of Unidata projects. Most notably, Larissa worked with Unidata community members to document the data management workflows they used in their research projects. Her efforts have greatly enhanced the “Scenarios and Use Cases” section of Unidata's Data Management Resource Center (DRMC).

    We've been glad to have Larissa working with us over the course of her internship, and we wish her continued success in her endeavors!

  • Join us for the 2016 Software Training Workshops Join us for the 2016 Software Training Workshops
    September 19, 2016

    Registration for Unidata's 2016 Software Training Workshop has been extended until October 5, 2016. The workshop features a session on using the Python programming language with Unidata technologies, Unidata's display and analysis packages IDV and AWIPS-II (with GEMPAK), as well as the Local Data Manager (LDM)

    The workshop will be held October 17 – November 1, 2016. Individual courses last from one to three days.

    Unidata's training workshops are developed and presented by the software developers and support staff for each package, so you can be sure to get your questions answered.

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