UnidataIn an era of increasing data complexity, accessibility, and multidisciplinary integration, Unidata provides a rich set of software tools to access and visualize data.

Display & Analysis Software


AWIPS II AWIPS II is the next generation weather forecasting, display and analysis package currently being developed by the National Weather Service. AWIPS II is a Java application designed to eventually run on multiple platforms, and it incorporates many open source technologies such as Apache Qpid, PostgreSQL and PyPIES.

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IDV The Integrated Data Viewer (IDV) from Unidata is a framework for analyzing and displaying geoscience data. Developed using Java, VisAD and other component libraries, the IDV emphasizes interactive 3-Dimensional visualization and integration of diverse data types.

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GEMPAK GEMPAK, the GEneral Meteorology PAcKage, is an analysis, display, and product generation package for meteorological data. The GEMPAK distribution consists of a suite of application programs, Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs), meteorologic computation libraries, graphic display interfaces, and device drivers for the decoding, analysis, display and diagnosis of geo-referenced and meteorological data.

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McIDAS The Man computer Interactive Data Access System (McIDAS) is a large, research quality suite of applications used for decoding, analyzing, and displaying meteorological data for research and education. McIDAS can be used for visualization and manipulation of geophysical data in a wide variety of formats.

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Data Access & Management Software

Local Data Manager (LDM)

LDM The Unidata Local Data Manager (LDM) system includes network client and server programs designed for event-driven data distribution, and is the fundamental component comprising the Unidata Internet Data Distribution (IDD) system.

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NetCDF Decoders

NetCDF Decoders The NetCDF Decoders are re packages used to convert Textual Reports and WMO Model GRIB 1 data to netCDF format. The perl surface/upperair data decoders convert textual bulletins into netCDF formatted files. The GRIB 1 (gribtonc) decoder is used to convert the older GRIB 1 data into netCDF files. It is limited to GRIB 1 format.

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netCDF NetCDF is a set of software libraries and self-describing, machine-independent data formats that support the creation, access, and sharing of array-oriented scientific data.

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Rosetta Rosetta (pronounced 'rosetta') is a web-based service that provides an easy, wizard-based interface for data collectors to transform their datalogger generated ASCII output into Climate and Forecast (CF) compliant netCDF files.

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UDUNITS UDUNITS supports conversion of unit specifications between formatted and binary forms, arithmetic manipulation of units, and conversion of values between compatible scales of measurement.

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Provision of Software

Software packages supported by Unidata are available by downloading from the Unidata web site. Software developed by Unidata is licensed under the Lesser GNU Public License (LGPL), or a model similar to LGPL. Other packages, developed by Unidata partners and distributed by the UPC, have specific conditions on access and redistribution. Participants are expected to review and accept the copyright or program-specific conditions for each package downloaded and adhere to them. A basic table of limitations follows:

Software Title or Group General Description of Limitations
GEMPAK/GARP GEMPAK and GARP software are freely available (full source code) to any individual or institution. Unidata will only support unmodified versions of GEMPAK subject to conditions specified in the conditions of support for software.
McIDAS McIDAS software (full source code) is freely available to educational institutions. Redistribution is prohibited without explicit written permission from the University of Wisconsin, Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC), the copyright holder of this software.
LDM, IDV, NetCDF, THREDDS Data Server These applications are copyrighted by UCAR and are intended to be freely available with very minimal restriction.

Questions About Provision of Software?

Questions or comments about the Unidata provision of software can be sent to: