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Re: CrawlableDatasetDods II

Hi Bas,

This is going to be a quick answer as I'm out of the office till Wednesday or Thursday.

I think that you are right that the location attribute may be required to start with a "/". I'm not sure this restriction is necessary, it may just be the way I had imagined things would happen. I'll have to take a look when I return.

The crawlableDatasetImpl element allows any XML to be included as child elements. The intent of that was to allow CrawlableDataset implementations to be handed some configuration information. You could try handing your implementation some base part of the URL you want to scan rather than putting the whole thing in the location. Not sure this really make sense in this case, I had more been thinking CrawlableDataset implementations might need more complicated configuration information. But I think treating some base part of the URL as config information could work. Sorry, that adds a bit of complexity (mainly parsing some XML) to CrawlableDatasetDods

When I return, I'll take a look at the restrictions on the location attribute and see if there are good reasons for them.


Bas Retsios wrote:

Hello Ethan,

I have managed to download all missing .jar libraries and build the thredds.war file. There are some compile errors, but ant is still able to build the .war file, and I believe that the major part of Thredds is not affected.

Now I am trying to make sure my new class CrawlableDatasetDods is called. The following is a datasetScan that I have created for it.

<datasetScan name="DodsTest" path="testDods" location="http://reason.gsfc.nasa.gov/opendap-bin/nph-dods/FTP_DATA/Giovanni/OPS/TOMS/EP/"; ID="mytest" addDatasetSize="true" addLatest="true">
<crawlableDatasetImpl className="thredds.crawlabledataset.CrawlableDatasetDods" />
<metadata inherited="true">

Unfortunately this does not work. After inspecting log-files, and creating additional log entries, I have concluded that the function thredds.catalog.parser.jdom.InvCatalogFactory10.readDatasetScanNew() works as I expect. However, the function InvDatasetScan.buildCatalogBuilder() is never called, whichever link I try. I was expecting that this function would be called when I go to the following link:
But the only thing I get is a HTTP Status 404 - message, with description "The requested resource () is not available".
Note that my location starts with "http:". I have seen code that only accepts paths starting with '/', so I'm a bit suspicious whether I have understood the location field properly.

Any ideas?


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