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Re: <dataset> Listing Order

Hi Mark,

Mark A Ohrenschall wrote:
> I'm wondering if the catalog generator crawls files -- and thus lists
> <dataset> elements -- in file timestamp order, same as doing an ls -lt
> from a command prompt.

I'm afraid not. It currently orders them alphabetically by the name. A quick
hack when I needed our test server datasets ordered. Adding a sorting capability
is on my list of tasks for the catalog generator.

> The reason I'm asking is that I'm using (bastardizing?) the catalog
> generator to create a DODS Aggregation Server catalog (with editing),
> and the order that the files are being aggregated is defaulting to the
> order that I get them from the THREDDS catalog generator. Are there (can
> I wish for) any ordering options in the catalog generator?


> Can I also wish for an option to generate DODS AS catalogs? Anyone else
> creating DODS AS catalogs?

Creating DODS AggServer config files is also on my list for the catalog

I'm planning on focusing on the catalog generator for a few weeks starting
towards the end of May. A refactoring of the code; some rethinking of how the
datasetSource, datasetFilter, and datasetNamer elements are handled and how they
interact (sort and aggServer probably fall in here); and adding other metadata
capabilities. So, keep the ideas coming.


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