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[netCDF #DZY-226262]: Bundled NetCDF-4.0

Hi Marco,

> I am planning to bundle the NetCDF-4.0 library in a scientific
> software package: Curves+
> (http://http://gbio-pbil.ibcp.fr/Curves_plus/Curves+.html).  The
> Curves+ software is distributed free of charge.  I would like to
> include in the Curves+ archive that I will then distribute to users, a
> partial collection of the files contained in the netcdf-4.0.tar.gz
> archive found on your website in the Download page
> (http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/downloads/netcdf/netcdf-4_0/index.jsp).
> Among these files there is the file named "COPYRIGHT".
> I wish to ask you whether this scenario is compatible with your policies.

We have no problem with your distributing our software with your Curves+
package, if you include our Copyright file.

However, we would rather you used a newer version than netcdf-4.0, which
is from June 2008.  We have fixed many bugs and made some major improvements
to the package since then.  Our current latest release is version, and 
close to releasing version 4.3.2 of the netCDF-4 C library and utilities.  For 
to the latest downloads, as well as access to Release Notes, see


or see the developer's releases on GitHub:


Version 4.0 is so old that we can no longer support user questions about it.


> Thank you very much for you help.
> Best regards,
> Marco Pasi
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