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[netCDF #HLX-917795]: a question about variables with one or more unlimited dimensions

1. I was using the ncgen CDL input file format (see the ncgen man page).
For the netcdf API (netcdf.h) you should be looking at the
procedures that have the word "vlen" in them. Vlen is the
buzzword used for variable length types.

> If events_t needs to be a structure containing two integers,
> what would the data declaration look like.
Lets take a simpler example to start.
Suppose, in CDL, we have
typedefs: int(*) vlenint_t;
variables: vlenint_t vlen;
 vlen = {17,23};

When you have nested vlens as in the example
you gave, then you need to nest the "data:" declarations.
Further, you can only assign to a variable.
So since A is the top level variable, we might have

A = {{17,23},{1,2,3},{4,5,6,7}};
This would create A with U = 1,
and the the length of the (first and only) partsp would be
3 and the lengths of the 3 events would be 2,3,4, respectively.

If you need to see how to do the same thing in the C API,
let me know.

=Dennis Heimbigner

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