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[netCDF #HLX-917795]: a question about variables with one or more unlimited dimensions

Hi Randy,

> In the last several months, we, the GOES-R program, have submitted 
> software that makes a particular I/O capability in the NetCDF C library 
> thread-safe.  This submission was made by Bill Phillips who works for 
> Boeing,  His PoC at NetCDF was Ed, who no longer works for Unidata.
> Two submissions of this software were made.
> I have been looking through your tracking system info provided on the 
> web, and I am unable to find the item.
> Can you provide me a link related to this software submission ?   Our 
> Government customer would like to verify that this software change will 
> (eventually) find its way into the standard distribution.

I can't find any record of this submission in our netCDF support

Was it sent to address@hidden or directly to Ed
Hartnett?  In that case it may have been lost, as he had a disk crash
that caused loss of much of his email, for which the backup system
unfortunately failed in attempting to recover most of it.

If it was sent to the support-netcdf address, can you identify a date or
ticket number?  If sent directly to Ed, can you send it again to
address@hidden?  If it's too large for s support ticket
submission, feel free to send the software to me or to make it available
on a server from which I can download it.



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