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[McIDAS #VTU-326579]: converting area to netcdf

Hi Sepide,

> hope you are doing well.
> i have a question regarding converting mcidas to netcdf.
> is there any way that we define a domain for the conversion instead of
> SIZE=SAME or defining the exact lat and lon?
> say lat :[10 25] lon :[-80 -40]?

McIDAS does not have the ability to directly define a bounding box
for the output of IMGCOPY.  It does, however, have the ability to
specify the center of the output (through either the STATion= or
LATLON= keywords) and the number of LINes,ELEments (through the
SIZE= keyword).  Since the images you are dealing with are all
from the same platform (GOES-7), you can estimate the bounding
box that you want by specifying the center point and number of
lines and elements since the resolution of the pixels in lines
and elements will be fixed.  This is especially true if you
IMGREMAP the original image into a rectilinear projection (i.e.,
use IMGREMAP to create the output netCDF image and specify that
the projection is RECTilinear).

By the way, since you are a university user of McIDAS, your support
questions should always be sent to us (Unidata).  SSEC's support is
reserved for sites that get McIDAS directly from them.  You could
get McIDAS from SSEC, but that would require that your institution
(UC Irvine) join the McIDAS Users Group (MUG), and that, in turn,
would cost a yearly fee.


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