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[McIDAS #IND-391015]: MCIDAS BATCH Files

Hi Paul,

Long time no hear!

> Happy New Year,

You too.  We had a pretty cold New Year's Eve/Day this year, but the 
are on their way back up -- forecast is of 50sF by Thursday in Denver...

> It seems like every few years I do a lot of work with
> McIDAS. I actually remember quite a bit but am having trouble having my
> mcidas-x session find my batch files. It looks in workdata and i have a
> $MCHOME/batches directory. I have a work around but know there is some way
> to set that path. I have modified things in the user_env files...but
> nothing works.

The environment variable MCPATH specifies the set of directories that
McIDAS will search when looking for files.  The default setup for MCPATH
that I construct in the file ~mcidas/admin/user_env.csh (or 
for Bourne shell, BASH, etc. users) is:


MCDATA is defined as $HOME/mcidas/data for users other than 'mcidas'.
If you are sourcing the user_env.(csh|sh) file in your shell specific
definition file (i.e., ~/.cshrc for CShell users; ~/.bash_profile for
BASH users, etc.) to set the environment for your non-'mcidas' user
(as per my recommendations), then you should edit the 
file and change the MCPATH definition to:


As you see, the syntax will be different for CShell users, but the notion
is the same: append the $MCHOME/batches directory to the end of the MCPATH

After making the change, you will need to logoff and then log back
on for the change(s) to take effect.

> Thanks in advance!

No worries.

Please let me know if the above advice gets you going again...


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