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[McIDAS #EAZ-791845]: McX2007

Hi HP,

> Pieno successo ... McIDAS is built.


> Again thanks for the hints.

No worries.

> I have 3 questions/remarks.
> 1. When configuring the user account I discovered that the path to the
>    command mcidasx was missing. I might be mistaken but the installation
>    manual does not provide for this. Adding it by hand to .profile does the
>    trick, of course.

'mcidasx' should be put in the ~mcidas/bin directory (most typically
/home/mcidas) by the installation step (e.g., make install.mcx).  This directory
should be added to the user's PATH when his/her account is setup as per 
in the Unidata McIDAS web pages. In particular, the person setting up the user's
account is directed to:

Configuring a New User Account

The contents of the table listed just under:

  Defining all of these enviornment variables is easily accomplished by adding 
the following

is supposed to be added to the user's shell definition file.  For instance, 
users using BASH
would add:

export MCHOME
if [ -e $MCHOME/admin/user_env.sh ]; then
  . $MCHOME/admin/user_env.sh

to the users ~/.bash_profile file.  The script user_env.sh has the code to set 

# Bourne/Korn shell environment variable definitions for a general user

# McIDAS environment variables
PATH=${MCGUI}:$PATH                                          <- this line sets 


- what shell is your user using?

> 2. The file version.txt is not available (minor point). I installed the
> most recent version on the UNIDATA download page.

This is very weird.  VERSION.TXT should get installed in the ~mcidas/data
directory.  It will be accessible to the user's McIDAS-X sessions by
virtue of the environment variable MCPATH being set.  This gets set by
the same script mentioned in 1. above.

> 3. Is there a facility other than inserting them manually that would
> allow for carrying over the settings for DATALOC, DSSERVE and AKA from
> my old machine?

Yes _if_ the directory locations for all data files are the same.  If this
condition is met, one can simply copy ~mcidas/workdata/RESOLV.SRV from the
old machine to the same directory and file on the new one.  If directory
locations change, however, these definitions will not work.

> After a good hike to a mountain top, HP

I have been working at home all day today, and it has been raining with
lightning off and on all day long.  I took a short walk to stretch my legs
while testing the build of a new McIDAS addendum, and got a little bit
wet, but not too bad.  The thing that worried me was the lightning... it
was only about 1.5 km away!


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