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[McIDAS #EAZ-791845]: McX2007

Hi HP,

> There really is something odd about the build, though it appears to work
> (save 2 kinks as given later on). I installed the user account exactly
> as per manual (and as given by you below). However, ~/mcidas/bin is
> EMPTY and scripts mcidas/mcidas.sh are in ~/mcidas/mcidas2007/src
> (testing in the mcidas account works because there you are instructed to
> set additionally the path to .../src).

Hmm... This sounds like the installation step was not performed.  As a
recap, the build process is (assumes that the package has already been
downloaded into the HOME directory of the user 'mcidas'):

<as 'mcidas'>
export McINST_ROOT=/home/mcidas
cd ~mcidas
chmod +x mcunpack

-- setup the entry in 'mcidas' .bash_profile
-- either logoff and then log back on OR run '. .bash_profile'

cd ~mcidas/mcidas2007/src
make clobber              <- not needed for a new build but it can't hurt
make mcx
-- run tests if the build is an upgrade; not needed if the build is new.  If
   the test are run, it is best to logoff and then log back on to reset
   the environment
make install.mcx          <- this is the step that seems was not performed

After the last step, the McIDAS executables built in the ~mcidas/mcidas2007/src
directory should be linked (or copied) to the ~mcidas/bin directory.  Also,
LOTS of files will get linked (or copied) to the ~mcidas/data, ~mcidas/workdata
~mcidas/help, ~mcidas/admin, ~mcidas/man, ~mcidas/tcl, ~mcidas/include, 
~mcidas/lib, and ~mcidas/inc directories.

> I have now added this path also
> in the user account.

This may make things work, but it is not the recommended procedure.  What we 
to do is determine why the installation does not look like it should and fix it.
After that, all things should work nicely.

> Thus we have 2 irregularities, VERSION.TXT does not
> exist and mcidasx is "misplaced".

Since ~mcidas/bin is empty on your system, I assume that ~mcidas/data is also
empty.  ~mcidas/data is where VERSION.TXT gets installed.

> Now to the 2 kinks when running in the user account:
> 1. When doing IMGDISP from an ADDE server (EUMETSAT and UCAR) the image
> is displayed but the satellite information is missing and the following
> message is issued:
> ERROR: Unable to read from LW file SATANNOT

This is likely occurring because the installation is not complete/correct.

> 2. When doing IMGDISP from a local native file it aborts saying:
> AGETSERV failed on exec of msgaget

Again, this is likely occurring because the installation is not 

> Any guess which side the error is: on Marianne's or McIDAS's side?

The installation step.

> I will see Marianne next week.

Please work through the build AND install again.  Forget about the testing
step as this is a new installation.

> Finally, should I rebuild again.

It can't hurt.  I suspect that your machine is fast enough that a rebuild:

<as 'mcidas'>
-- after logging off and logging back on, please check your environment variable
   settings.  McINST_ROOT _must_ be defined as the HOME directory of the user
   McIDAS.  I am guessing that this is /home/mcidas on your system.
cd ~mcidas/mcidas2007/src
make clobber              <- clean out the previous build
make mcx
make install.mcx

I just got a flash of insight.  Is the case that when you start up Linux that
you are automatically logged into the 'changeme' account?  If yes, then it
is most likely that the steps you performed when running the tests were not
undone when you tried the build.  This would make all of the strangeness
a bit more understandable.  Just so you know, when I setup openSUSE on
my laptop (again, under VMware Player), I went through the steps to _not_
have 'changeme' automatically logged in.  Instead, my session presents me
with a screen with entries for user name and password.  This way, when I
login as 'mcidas', I am assured that the environment for 'mcidas' is exactly
what it should be (by virtue of my inclusion of the defines for .bash_profile).

> Rainy season on-going, no severe thunderstorms so far here but in DE and
> CZ, HP

It has been raining here in the foothills of Colorado over a day now.

> On top of what I have been saying below:
> Forget about remark 2. Marianne's server was not compiled yet. However,
> when trying to compile it now, I stumbled over 2 issues:
> A: Marianne's make files use mccomp. I discovered that there are
> comment7code lines alluding to gfortran. In particular there are the
> following couple of lines
> ... UPC mod 20070804 - added commented gfortran line ...
> ...
> #gfortran=true
> I would expected that the VENDOR information take care of this.

The vendor information has to be passed on the mccomp invocation command line
by including the flag '-gfortran' (no quotes).  You can see the examples
of how this is done by the make process in ~mcidas/mcidas2007/src/makelog.

> B: I uncommented the last line and mccomp ran okay. Only that for each
> of the 4 modules it does not create the final module which is supposed
> to be moved to ~/bin. For the sake of double-checking I compiled again
> on the old system where the modules were built as usual. To tell the
> truth there are also some warnings, but they are without consequences
> (Marianne was never worried about these messages). Any hint here before
> I see Marianne?

After doing a full resetting of environment variables (not the ones used
for testing); rebuild; and install (see above) please look through the
'makelog' to see how the make process runs mccomp.  Mimic that behavior with
the building of Marianne's server and you should be fine.  The other approach
would be to add the building of Marianne's server to the McIDAS makefile.
I can guide you through this if you like.

> BTW I am using bash shell (default).

Very good.

I feel confident that you are almost finished.  Trust me ;-)


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