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[McIDAS #FDU-863429]: BOWTIE and others

Hi Tyn,

> Just confirmed with the v2008 release, and the NDVI Product server still
> _only_ supports only file_name_type = 2

I looked through the server code and see that it might need a bit of work
to support the file_name_type=1 products.  I will look into this as I get
some time.

> Can u have a look if the changes I made (send u the sources Thursday,
> May 22) are any good?

I just worked my way through the modifications you made and did not see
any glaring problems.  I have not yet, however, had the chance to test
the modifications.

What I did do, however, is create a new McIDAS-X addendum, v2007j.  This
addendum contains the following changes:

20080604  Unidata McIDAS-X v2007j

            imgbowtie.c         - new XRD command
            gennavblk.for       - needed for IMGBOWTIE
            makefile            - MODIS ADDE server modifications
            modx.h              - SSEC 2008 version with mods
            modradir.cp         - SSEC 2008 version
            modraget.cp         - SSEC 2008 version
            mod3aget.cp         - SSEC 2008 XRD version
            modiadir.cp         - SSEC 2008 XRD version with mods
            modiaget.cp         - SSEC 2008 XRD version with mods
            modladir.cp         - SSEC 2008 XRD version
            modlaget.cp         - SSEC 2008 XRD version
            modxadir.cp         - SSEC 2007 version with mods
            modxaget.cp         - SSEC 2007 version with mods
            kbxmodx.dlm         - SSEC 2007 version with mods

            SATBAND             - modifications for MODIS ADDE servers

You will see from this list that I added the modradir/modraget servers to
the distribution along with the modladir/modlaget servers.  I also replaced
the mod3aget server source with that from the SSEC 2008 XRD distribution.
The mods made to the files were yours (with some indication in the code
where the modifications were made).

Since you noted that the XRD 2008 version of mod3aget.cp made MOD03 files
work on your systems, and since you noted that the MOD03 server needs to
work for IMGBOWTIE to work,  IMGBOWTIE now has a chance of working.  You
realize, of course, that IMGBOWTIE is not supported by me or SSEC... yet.

To install the addendum, I recommend that you do the following:

<as 'mcidas'>

*** backup all of the files you made modifications to! ***

cd ~mcidas/mcidas2007/update
ftp ftp.unidata.ucar.edu
  cd unix/2007/bugfix
  get mcupdate.tar.gz
  get mcupdate.list.2007j
cd ../src
make mcx xrd
make install.mcx install.xrd

Please let me know the results of your testing.


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