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[McIDAS #MHL-637032]: question about imgremap

Hi Ying,

re: example GeoTIFF image
> That looks great!! I'm also using ArcGIS 9.0. Do you mean only ArcGIS 9.2 can 
> handle
> the map projection?

I am not (yet) sure why ArcGIS 9.2 beta can display the GeoTIFF image correctly 
versions 9 (and presumably previous) can not.  I have been reading the McIDAS 
ADDE server code, and can not see any obvious errors.  Our suspicions are that 
older ArcGIS distributions are not handling one or more of the tags that are 
included in the output image, or there is possibly a subtle error in one of the

> Can I know the parameters of the projection she's using?

We sent her the image yesterday, and got back the JPG display showing the map
pretty quickly.  We tried to contact her today so we could visit and see exactly
what she did, but she was not available.  The two of us who were looking at
this today will be out tomorrow, so any new information will have to wait
until Friday (sorry).

>Maybe I can set up a specific projection and import the GeoTIFF image.

I don't know enough about the ArcGIS products to know how to do this.

One thing we did notice, however, is that 9.0 ArcCatalog would list some
of the information in the geo tags, but not all of them.  Evidently
there is a code modification in 9.2 that either ignores a problem in the
output GeoTIFF file or correctly handles some tags that 9.0 (and previous ?)
do not.  Again, I don't know enough about the ESRI products to comment
intelligently on what is going on.

> Thanks a lot for your/her help!

No worries.  We will get to the bottom of what is going on eventually.


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