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[McIDAS #BCP-600859]: Linux syntax for Mcidas ZA command

Hi Greg,

> We are moving from a Solaris system to a Linux where we are running
> McIDAS stuff. I'm still using that script you helped me to build 2
> years ago to produce gif images of GOES data. In this script I'm doing
> some labelling with the ZA and FRMLABEL commands. These worked fine on
> Solaris but I'm geting an error from these now in Linux.

I would imagine that the difference is in the implementation of the
shell that you are using.  I see differences using 'sh' on Linux
since it is actually 'bash'.

> Here's the line that is causing trouble:
> $za_out = `za.k 7 10 LC "\\\"$title`;

Why do you have two shifted quotes?  The ZA syntax in McIDAS is:

ZA color height justify <keywords> "text

Note the single shifted quote mark.

> this line in the script generates an error message:
> sh: -c: line 0: unexpected EOF while looking for matching `"'
> sh: -c: line 1: syntax error: unexpected end of file

Yup, the 'sh' scanner ('bash') is complaining about the second
shifted quote.

> I get a similar message for the FRMLABEL command.
> Any suggestions?

Remove the first shifted quote mark and then evaluate if you need
the tripple backslashes to escape the second one.

I am just heading out the door.  I won't be in touch until after 7 pm


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