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20010825: McIDAS-X 7.80 build on FreeBSD 4.3 (cont.)

>From: Ted Wisniewski <address@hidden>
>Organization:  Plymouth State College
>Keywords:  200108251422.f7PEMS127324 McIDAS-X 7.8 FreeBSD g77

Ted and Jim,

>Ok...  In installed the f2c package, it is no longer installed by default.... 
>Unmodified mccomp.sh... did a make clobber and a make.  Not initializing
>variables...  I suppose that would do it....  ;-<

At some point in the future, I really do hope to be able to build using
g77.  Each time I make a run at it, I get a little closer.  Perhaps the
next time will be the charm.

Just to let you and Jim know, I did the following on pscwx:

o built the XCD component of McIDAS.  Installed both McIDAS-X and -XCD.
  The build of XCD was in preparation for the LDM running on pscwx getting
  all of the data from your NOAAPORT ingest system.  Some things need to
  be finished in the XCD configuration, but that has to wait until
  an output directory for decoded data is identified.

o modified /etc/csh.cshrc to setup McIDAS defaults in a manner that matches
  my installation instructions.  You will see that the default working 
  directory for the user 'mcidas' is different from other users.  The
  switch construct on `id` makes this possible.

o created the user 'mcadde' to have the same HOME directory as 'mcidas'
  but not have a login shell (/bin/false)

o setup /etc/services and /etc/inetd.conf to support the ADDE remote server

o setup the .mcenv file in /home/mcidas for the ADDE remote server

o defined the datasets that are available (GINICOMP, GINIEAST, GINIWEST,
  RTNEXRAD) and eventually will be there (RTIMAGES, CIMSS, RTPTSRC, RTWXTEXT,

o setup ADDE DATALOCations to point at snow for GINICOMP, GINIEAST, GINIWEST,
  and RTNEXRAD.  This will need to be changed to pscwx if/when it takes over
  for snow.  Setup ADDE DATALOCations for the other datasets supported by
  the newly ADDEized MCGUI to point to other cooperating servers that have
  those data (e.g., RTPTSRC, RTGRIDS, RTWXTEXT point to papagay.unl.edu)

o setup file REDIRECTions to mainly point at /data/mcidas.  This will need to
  be adjusted as locations for Unidata-Wisconsin imagery and XCD decoded
  data start getting filed on pscwx.  I think that /data/mcidas is mounted
  from some other machine right now, and it is read only as far as pscwx
  is concerned.

I have tested GINIEAST, GINICOMP, GINIWEST, and RTNEXRAD access from pscwx
on my home machine.  All seems to run correctly.

I also noticed that the build using gcc/f2c only took 7 minutes.  The
XCD build only adds about a minute to this; no big deal.  This
machine is nice and fast!

Please let me know if/when you have questions about what I have done.

Jim, we need to chat again about what your plans for this box are.  If
it will not be doing data decoding, then XCD stuff doesn't need to be


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