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[IDD #ZDZ-619567]: Configuring LDM to receive select AWIPS products


> So it sounds like I would be looking for level3 radar data since that would
> not require additional processing. I'm sure I can construct the appropriate
> REQUEST pattern for the stations that I want, 

It should be straightforward when you know the list of stations that you

> but I remember during my NWS
> days that there was an Alaska regional composite view of certain data types
> in addition to the individual stations.  Is that something that is
> constructed on AWIPS from data received or is that a separate level3
> product I can add to my request from unidata?

AWIPS can create a composite by displaying the same product for multiple 
but I am not sure that is what you are remembering from your NWS days.  As I
recall, NWS sites had access to composites created by UNISYS, but those products
were not ** I think ** sent in the NOAAPort SBN.  The Level 3 products we are
distributing in the NEXRAD3 feed come from the SBN and it does not contain
the composites you are remembering.  We create composites for a number of
the Level 3 products and distribute those in the IDD FNEXRAD feed, but those
composites do not include Alaskan radars.

Aside: the composites we send in the IDD FNEXRAD feed are created using
GEMPAK, so it would be possible to create your own composite using
GEMPAK.  Just an FYI...

> Thanks so much for your help.

No worries.


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