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[IDD #AKV-360208]: LDM connection problem

Hi Carl,

> Our IT person has checked the network and is wondering what the
> idd.unidata.ucar.edu LDM configuration is looking for?

Feed REQUESTs include the IP address of the REQUESTing machine.  The upstream
LDM attempts to do a reverse DNS lookup (IP -> name), and if that succeeds,
the name is compared against ALLOW rules to see if the REQUEST(s) should
be honored.  If the IP address can not be turned into a name, the ALLOW
rules are checked to see if there is a match for the IP address. When neither
of these succeeds, the feed REQUEST(s) is(are) denied.

> Our LDM server is
> edex.gina.alaska.edu and reverse DNS was never set up for that machine.

At some point there must have been reverse DNS setup for your machine.
I say this because there is no ALLOW rule that would match your machine's
IP address:

edex.gina.alaska.edu <->

The only way that feed REQUEST(s) from your machine would have been honored is
if the machine's IP address resolved to a fully qualified name that ended
in '.edu'.

> It
> worked for over a year until we recently rebooted.  What could have changed?

I can't say.  Nothing has changed on our side.


- does your machine have a static IP address?

- can reverse DNS be setup for your machine?

Again, if reverse DNS is setup for your machine, and the name that
is associated ends in '.edu', your feed REQUEST(s) will be honored.

If it is not possible to have reverse DNS setup for you machine,
please let us know and we will hardwire things on this end.  We
would prefer to not do this as this "solution" is brittle, and
will fail if/when the machine's IP address changes.


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