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[IDD #MGW-198908]: Unidata LDM feed for GOES-17 data

Hi Carl,

> Sorry for the delayed answer. I was at AGU last week and just digging out.

No worries, and I totally understand!

> Thanks for the information about the feed type for GOES-17.  It sounds like
> it will be available from the Unidata ldm fairly soon.

Yes.  We were planning on flipping the switch at the beginning of this
week, but some testing activities on GOES-17 planned for tomorrow made
us rethink this schedule.  We are currently planning on turning on the
feed a week from this Thursday or Friday.

> Can you tell me what the file prefixes would be for configuring our pqact?

The Product IDs almost exactly the same pattern as the ones for the GOES-16
products.  Next is a snippit of 'notifyme -vl- -f SPARE -o 600' for
the current test GOES-17 IDD setup.  The only thing that will change will be
the feed type which will change from SPARE to SATELLITE (remember that
for LDM versions v6.13.6 and previous the SATELLITE feed is known as DIFAX):

20181219T204502.466240Z notifyme[4128] INFO notifyme.c:222:notifymeprog_5()   
83781935 20181219204143.209617 SPARE 000  
20181219T204502.508020Z notifyme[4128] INFO notifyme.c:222:notifymeprog_5()   
83390619 20181219204143.912611 SPARE 000  
20181219T204502.508258Z notifyme[4128] INFO notifyme.c:222:notifymeprog_5()   
24154815 20181219204145.067346 SPARE 000  
20181219T204502.548991Z notifyme[4128] INFO notifyme.c:222:notifymeprog_5()   
22025494 20181219204145.388751 SPARE 000  
20181219T204502.549221Z notifyme[4128] INFO notifyme.c:222:notifymeprog_5()    
1007275 20181219204145.645870 SPARE 000  
20181219T204502.588983Z notifyme[4128] INFO notifyme.c:222:notifymeprog_5()     
159531 20181219204145.661631 SPARE 000  
20181219T204502.589209Z notifyme[4128] INFO notifyme.c:222:notifymeprog_5()   
27761024 20181219204145.676499 SPARE 000  
20181219T204502.628998Z notifyme[4128] INFO notifyme.c:222:notifymeprog_5()     
187093 20181219204145.884191 SPARE 000  
20181219T204502.629224Z notifyme[4128] INFO notifyme.c:222:notifymeprog_5()     
218589 20181219204145.910925 SPARE 000  
20181219T204502.668997Z notifyme[4128] INFO notifyme.c:222:notifymeprog_5()     
188639 20181219204145.926843 SPARE 000  
20181219T204502.669236Z notifyme[4128] INFO notifyme.c:222:notifymeprog_5()    
1034397 20181219204145.943628 SPARE 000  
20181219T204502.709965Z notifyme[4128] INFO notifyme.c:222:notifymeprog_5()    
4416888 20181219204146.714347 SPARE 000  
20181219T204502.710169Z notifyme[4128] INFO notifyme.c:222:notifymeprog_5()     
290746 20181219204146.821219 SPARE 000  
20181219T204502.749988Z notifyme[4128] INFO notifyme.c:222:notifymeprog_5()     
274897 20181219204147.810785 SPARE 000  
20181219T204502.750214Z notifyme[4128] INFO notifyme.c:222:notifymeprog_5()     
292375 20181219204148.476881 SPARE 000  

The LDM pattern-action file we use to FILE GOES-16 and GOES-17 products
pqact.conf_goesr, is attached to this reply as is the BASH script, grbfile.sh,
that is run from the actions.


- we are still using the old stype LDM configuration where there is a 'logs'
  subdirectory in the HOME directory of the user 'ldm'

  This is accomplished in newer LDM releases by use of the following in the LDM
  registry, ~ldm/etc/registry.xml:


  The HOME directory for 'ldm' is /opt/ldm on our system.  ~ldm/logs is
  where we write our LDM related log files.

- grbfile.sh will FILE all GOES-R/S products in daily directories


  For each product on the same level as the daily directory, there will
  be a 'current' directory which contains the most recent N number
  of each kind of product.  N is specified in each action in the
  pattern-action file I have attached.

- like everything else LDM, setting up scouring is left up to the end-user
  except that the number of products in each 'current' directory is
  maintained by grbfile.sh

> To answer your question about sharing our data, we're happy to share
> whatever we produce.  We produce single band products via DB over Alaska
> MetOp-B) using the same SCMI netCDF4 format as GOES ABI

To be absolutely clear: you are using the same format as the GOES ABI
images being delivered in NOAAPort, the so-called Sectorized Cloud and
Moisture Imagery (SCMI), correct?

> and we already are
> posting them to LDM for NWS Alaska. We also produce a set of MIRS products
> (TPW, CLW, Rain Rate, SWE, Sea Ice Concentration), from ATMS and AMSU/MHS.

And these are in the same SCMI format?

> The mosaic project I'm currently working on would initially create the
> composite on the AWIPS client using pass data that has been already been
> received, to avoid impacting bandwidth.  However, posting a finished
> product back to LDM for distribution to Unidata might not be as big a
> problem as we're worried about.

Can you give us an estimate of the typical size(s) of the product(s)?
Just curious...

> I'll keep that in mind as this project progresses.

Sounds good.

> Thanks for the help.

No worries.


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