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[LDM #JEK-162128]: Using scour with grbfile.sh

Hi Carol,

> Excellent! Thanks so much! I'm going to use scourBYday scripts to keep 14
> days of GOES-16 on typhoon.

Sounds good.

> Do I need to edit anything in the scourBYday script? Like lines 170 and
> 171? Or are those arguments set in the cron tab entry?

Lines 170 and 171 setup defaults for the directory hierarchy to be
scoured and the number of days to keep, respectively.  I always try
to provide defaults that can be overridden by user-specified values
on the invocation command line.

> So I could just run
> the following and it would descend into the proper directories looking for
> the YYYYMMDD directories.
> 00 19 * * *   util/scourBYday      /data/ldm/pub/native/satellite
> 14 >/dev/null 2>&1

Yes. In fact, I would try running this by hand so you can see the output
from scourBYday:

<as 'ldm'>
cd ~ldm 
util/scourBYday /data/ldm/pub/native/satellite 14

> Thanks for the comments on where to find tclsh in mcidas. I reset that to
> the correct path at the top of scourBYday.


> typhoon's clock is set to MDT as well, so I can run the script at 19 UTC.

OK, sounds like you can use the exact same crontab entries that we are
using.  That should make things simple for both of us :-)


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