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[IDD #IJP-713008]: NCEP data problems

Hi Russ,

> Yeah, I had found those NWS messages as well but they’re ephemeral, and often 
> the
> ‘latest’ one has nothing to do with the data issues but they are somewhat 
> helpful when
> the right one is there.  (Though maybe there’s an archive of them that I 
> don’t know
> about.)

I agree completely.  There were plenty of NOUS42 messages that seemed to have 
to do with the College Park data center problems, but others shed some light on 
estimation of progress in getting things working again.  The curious side of me 
really eager to hear/understand exactly what the problem was (and apparently 
still is)
and why it was so hard to get systems back up.

> I see that CONDUIT is still problematic (I thought it was running well again 
> yesterday,
> but then the 00Z and 06Z model runs were spotty at best.)

Yup, the interruption is easy to see in real-time stats volume plots on top 
IDD relay machines.  For instance:


> Of course when NCEP has a
> major outage their top priority isn’t going to be informing the university 
> community,
> but considering how important CONDUIT is to the data stream it might be good 
> to have
> some way they can communicate with the broader community about outages and 
> what’s going
> on, etc.

I think that Carissa, Becky and other NOAA folks have been reasonably 
responsive to
posts to the address@hidden list, but more information would be useful
to the community.  I have to think that the problems encountered in their data
center were extensive enough that being able to predict when data flows would
return was not possible in this instance.

> Could be something to discuss with Carissa at the next Usercomm meeting (I’ll
> pass this thread along to Josh too…not sure it warrants an entire agenda item 
> but we can
> maybe see if she has any thoughts in advance of the meeting).

I am sure that a slot can be made in the Usercomm agenda to discuss this.  It 
be even more useful to ask Carissa (or Becky) to review the outage and 
with the community during their status report.

FYI: Pete Pokrandt has asked for a slot to discuss Unidata facilitated IDD 
of ECMWF model output.  The challenge with distributing ECMWF data is the WMO 
40 restrictions put on many of the products.  We are investigating the 
feasibility of
setting up point-to-point feeds of select ECMWF data for .edu users.  I am due 
to have
a phone conversation with Fred Branski about this idea either today or early 
next week
(depends on his schedule).

> Thanks!

No worries.  Sorry we didn't have more information on the outages!


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