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[LDM #NSP-325161]: how to retrieve the VOS (volunteer observing ship) data via LDM.

Hi Franke,

> I was tried to retrieve the VOS data from a LDM server.
> Could you teach me how to reconfigure the LDM to process this?

Do you know what the WMO ID/product code looks like for these observations?

If you know what the WMO ID/product code is, then you can use the LDM utility
'notifyme' to see if those observations are contained in any of the datastreams
being relayed by the LDM.  In order to be put into an LDM/IDD datastream,
the U.S. National Weather Service would have had to include the VOS observations
in the NOAAPort Satellite Broadcast Network (SBN).  Whether or not this has
been done we can not say.

As far as how to use 'notifyme' to see if observations are in an LDM/IDD
datastream, you would do the following:

<as 'ldm' on a machine running the LDM>
notifyme -vl- -f ANY -p "<part or all of the WMO product ID/code to match>"

You will need to run the 'notifyme' command for some time as there is
no guarantee that the VOS reports will be flowing at the time that
you run 'notifyme'.

Once you know that the observations you want are being relayed by the LDM/IDD,
you, or your LDM site administrator would craft an LDM pattern-action file
action that would do something (e.g. FILE) with the observations.

So, the first step is to determine what the VOS reports WMO product id/codes
look like.  The second step is to see if those reports are being relayed
in the IDD (using 'notifyme').  The third step is to craft an LDM/IDD
pattern-action file action that does something with the reports (assuming
that they are, in fact, being relayed in the IDD).

The other thing you might consider doing is posting your question to the
address@hidden email list since folks subscribed to that list
are typically very experienced in what data is being relayed in the IDD.

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