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[IDD #LFN-158105]: LDM/IDD for Universidad de Guadalajara

Hi Luis,

> thanks for the responses and NOAAPort description, it is great and enough
> for a user like me.


> Two questions about the datasets that can be handled by LDM:
> 1) model forecasts, we are also interested in HWRF and the GFS ensembles
>    (GEFS).
>    Not sure if they are available from Unidata and (if so) how to request
>    access.

The GFS ensembles (GEFS are available in the CONDUIT datastream.  I don't
believe that the HWRF model output is available in any NOAAPort-derived
or other IDD datastream.

> 2) What about the lightning data from Vaisala? I understand this is
>    operated by the University at Albany and may only have coverage
>    over the continental United States. We are interested in Mexico,
>    at least the northern portion.

The license that UAlbany has from Vaisala allows point-to-point distribution
of the NLDN lightning data to U.S. universities only.  Their agreement
explicitly excludes all others, and it does not permit for the NLDN data
to accessed/used outside of the receiving site's campus.

> Feel free to send your comments and recommendations on the above issues.

I hope that the comments about the model output and NLDN data help.


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