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[IDD #LFN-158105]: LDM/IDD for Universidad de Guadalajara

Hi Luis,

> thanks for the NOAAPort suggestion, I will use it. :)


> You asked: why does your NOAAPort oval have 'channel 3'?
> Well, this comes from the description given here:
> http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/ldm/ldm-6.12.14/factsheet.html
> ... "NOAAport channel 3" is there.

Wow!  I had no idea that we had that in a factsheet.  I especially don't
like it since it is _wrong_!

> - What is the most appropriate content to be within my oval?

I would remove the 'channel 3' and just have 'NOAAPort'.

> - Any good reference to learn the basics about NOAAPort?

Hmm... There are a number of NOAA web pages that describe the
NOAAPort Satellite Broadcast Network (NOAAPort SBN), and you
can find these easily by doing a Google (tm) search using 'NOAAPort'
as the search key.

Basically, the NOAAPort broadcast is broken up into a number of 'channels',
and each 'channel' has different kinds of data.  The name we use for the
various channels (be aware that Raytheon uses different names as does NOAA) are:

nwstg  - this channel contains the global observational data,
         NEXRAD Level III radar data, and some low resolution model

nwstg2 - higher resolution model ouput

oconus - products outside of CONUS (CONtinental US)

goes   - all of the GINI satellite imagery

nother - products that don't fit into the above channels

I would not use any of these names in an overview like the nice
one you put together, however.  Instead, I would just refer to
all of the data coming from 'NOAAPort' or 'The NOAAPort SBN'.

> thanks again

No worries.


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